About the Author



The objective of this document is to provide decision-makers with first, an understanding of the urgent problems facing California with regard to Child Support Enforcement, but, moreover, a way out--a solution.    

This writing is a product of my thirty-five years of experience and research dating back to the formative years of computer systems and Information Technology (IT).   

I have had considerable experience with statewide and county Human Services systems.  I was CIO for Yolo County California at the time that SACSS was being implemented.  Yolo County was scheduled in the next group for implementation, when the SACSS project was suspended.  I am very familiar  with the system and the problems faced by those trying to implement the system.  Before joining the County, I had a lead role in several major statewide Information Systems projects--I know what will work and I know the warning signs when a project is in trouble.

The problem in California is urgent, the need is critical and therefore, the solution must be quick, current, inexpensive and highly effective.   This document is intended to address those objectives with a proposal.

William H. Hookano